Landing Pages for Financial Services

Landing pages for financial services

Landing pages for financial services are an efficient and effective way of providing value to visitors in exchange for their information. Once integrated with other digital marketing strategies, they give you the ability to increase conversion rates and funnel efficiency.
Best Practices: Landing Pages for Financial Services
Read on to get some best practice tips to optimize your landing pages so that they convert at a higher rate compared to the financial services industry average of five percent [1]:

Understand Your Visitor’s Frame of Mind. 

By creating landing pages for financial services, you want meaningful conversions – not high bounce rates. This can only be done when you speak directly to your visitors, without judgement, but with an understanding and purpose.

Think from the perspective of your potential clients: what do they want? What are they feeling? If you were in their shoes, what would you be seeking? What would prompt you to take an action? Likewise, what would not?

Let’s do a fun little exercise to get […]

A Great Financial Services Blog

A great Financial Services Blog

A great financial services blog provides relevant content to consumers in a way that inspires them to engage with your company. Ideally, this content doesn’t just cater to your existing customers, but brings in potential customers as well.

This is why we love Mawer’s Art of Boring blog!  Using creativity to engage with a wider audience generates leads. It is a commonly held belief that the topic of financial services is one that is not very exciting. However, Mawer capitalizes on this by transforming boring into an “art”. By flipping the switch on their business genre, companies are able to generate leads that would not typically eat up this type of content.
Example of a Great Financial Services Blog
This fact doesn’t escape them either. The irony of the name “The Art of Boring” itself references that this topic is considered “boring” by so many.

Yet the blog itself is immensely interesting!

By employing a lighter take on the topic of financial services, their content becomes more readable […]

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