Improve email performance by up to 20% with list cleaning.

Not many people get excited about cleaning, often because it involves a lot of dirty work. On the contrary, most people love that feeling when they look around their home and everything looks tidy, the air smells fresh and they can relax in a comfortable space. Of course, list cleaning does not exactly have the same effect but the results on your reporting are just as significant, if not even more positive. The problem is that because undeliverable email addresses or unengaged contacts do not surround you like a mess does in your home, you do not realize how much they are cluttering your database and distorting your statistics. Marketing success is measured in numbers therefore if your numbers are off than you cannot accurately determine what campaigns are working in your favour or not. List cleaning is an essential practice for successful email campaigns.

Let’s start by a review of what we mean by list cleaning. It seems different individualsĀ […]

Hit your targets: Using data segmentation to increase your bottom line.

Targeted Marketing, in its most simplistic definition, is all about getting the right message to the right people, however we all know that achieving this is much more complex. Narrowing down your target, crafting your content and then manipulating your data is not a simple process. When it comes to email marketing, although it may be easier to broadcast your message out to your entire database and hope that the more people who are exposed to it, the more conversions you will get, this may actually hinder your brand perception among contacts that have no interest in the message. If you send every communication to your entire database, a large number of your contacts may get annoyed from receiving irrelevant information and choose to unsubscribe. Alternatively, when you send relevant content to contacts based on their areas of interest, geographic location and demographic variables, the probability of engagement and therefore conversion increases drastically. A targeted strategy will also reduce theĀ […]

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