We got a makeover: Check out the new itracMarketer!

At itracMarketer, we are constantly innovating to provide our customers with the leading edge tools that they want and need.

Our new Marketer Suite is sleeker, more user-friendly and contains additional functionality to help you achieve your marketing goals!

In addition, we are proud to announce a new name for our Digital Marketing platform – itracMarketer

Existing customers will see this new version the moment they login into the application on

Don’t worry if you’re already happy and comfortable with the existing version of our application. You can easily go back to our old version with a simple ‘Click’ at the Top of the Navigation Bar.


Check out our hot new features:

Navigation Bar – Make itrac more convenient for you! Configure your Navigation bar to easily access the tools that you use the most.

Home Dashboard – Want to check quick stats on your database or latest campaigns? Configure your Home dashboard to display the features and stats that you want to see when you first […]

What is itracMarketer?

itracMarketer is a complete email marketing and CRM solution that can do everything from customer acquisition using lead generation features and tactics to ongoing customer management throughout the sales and marketing lifecycle.

You can create a landing page and form for your website, then combine with a multi-step drip email marketing campaign to create engagement and capture information on leads in order to turn them into customers.

Once a lead is in the itrac platform you can keep track of every interaction including their activity on your website as the iProfile is automatically populated. Send them professionally designed emails to notify them of opportunities and events. Ensure that your communications are CASL compliant by tagging the contact with the appropriate consent status; or set up a workflow to notify appropriate staff when a lead or customer makes a move that requires action. Discover hot prospects and manage leads with automation to stay on top of the sales cycle.

Need a solution to manage […]

Welcome to the itracMarketer blog.


Welcome to the itracMarketer blog. itracMarketer is an all on one marketing automation, CRM and email marketing platform designed to increase your conversions and get you sales.  Our blog is here to serve you as a useful resource for the latest news, developments, and resources. We are excited to share this exciting new space with you, and hope to bring you a wealth of great articles in the near future. stay tuned. […]

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