A Great Financial Services Blog

A great Financial Services Blog

A great financial services blog provides relevant content to consumers in a way that inspires them to engage with your company. Ideally, this content doesn’t just cater to your existing customers, but brings in potential customers as well.

This is why we love Mawer’s Art of Boring blog!  Using creativity to engage with a wider audience generates leads. It is a commonly held belief that the topic of financial services is one that is not very exciting. However, Mawer capitalizes on this by transforming boring into an “art”. By flipping the switch on their business genre, companies are able to generate leads that would not typically eat up this type of content.
Example of a Great Financial Services Blog
This fact doesn’t escape them either. The irony of the name “The Art of Boring” itself references that this topic is considered “boring” by so many.

Yet the blog itself is immensely interesting!

By employing a lighter take on the topic of financial services, their content becomes more readable […]

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