Canadian Candidate’s Need a Crash Course on CASL

As we all know by now, failure to comply with the Canadian Anti spam Law comes with substantial penalties for Canadian businesses. So far we’ve seen this with a few different companies such as Compu-Finder, Plentyoffish Media Inc., and Porter Airlines.

With the upcoming federal election we decided to take a look at how some of the Canadian political parties managed their email compliance processes.

However, for some reason non-commercial organizations, such as political parties, are technically exempt from CASL, but we wanted to find out if Canada’s political parties are following the CASL legislation that they passed, so we put them to the test.

We signed up for the email lists of the Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrats and Green Party.  The emails received from each party were then monitored for a two-week period (August 13 – August 28) to gauge their CASL compliance.

As part of this process, we carefully reviewed the key factors of each party’s communications including email collection forms, privacy policies, and unsubscribe processes. The findings were not very good.

Can you guess which party failed to adhere to our Unsubscribe request?

Click here to review a breakdown of our findings which includes results by political party.


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